The GIN glass guide

Whats the best GIN glass? Do you have a challenging time trying to figure out which glass to use when enjoying your favourite gin and tonic? Look no further, we’ve put together a gin glass bible just for you!

Can we let you in on a secret? When it comes to GIN, there are no rules! So, whether you prefer enjoying your favourite cocktail out of a flute, a coupe, a tumbler or a martini glass, none of it’s wrong! However, we strongly believe that each occasion calls for a different glass and we’ll tell you exactly where to purchase it.

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The Highball Glass


A highball glass can contain 240 to 350 ml. This glass is generally used for highball cocktails and other mixed drinks. We call it the “cheers to the day” glass because let’s face it, after a long day, coming home to a ginny tipple in one of these beauties is just what the doctor ordered!

  1. MrP Home – Set of 6 Diamond Highball Glasses for R79.99
  2. Woolworths Homeware – Set of 4 Studio W Highball Glasses for R260.00 – Find these in store
  3. @Home – Set of 4 Highball Glasses for R229.00
  4. Banks Kitchen Boutique – Set of 4 Nachtmann Aspen Highball Glasses (309ml) for R330.00
  5. House of Crystal – RCR Signature Hand Cut Glasses for R298.00 per glass – Find these in store


 The Martini Glass


The martini glass was first introduced to the world in 1925 at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. It was a modernist interpretation of the Champagne coupe. The widened brim allows the drink more exposure to oxygen, making it easier to enjoy the fragrant botanicals of the gin before sipping. The steeply sloping sides of the glass prevents ingredients separating and the long stem is meant to be held, to prevent body heat from warming up an ice-cold martini. Everything about the martini glass screams sophistication, style, flair and finesse!

  1. MrP Home – Set of 4 Martini Glasses for R179.99
  2. Banks Kitchen Boutique – Arcoroc Martini Cocktail Glass (210 ml) for R52.42
  3. @Home – Martini Glass for R89.00 – Find them in store
  4. House of Crystal – Obelisk Platinum Martini Glass for R200.00 – Find them in store


 The Flute Glass


The narrowness of the flute minimises the oxygen-to-liquid ratio, concentrating the aroma and flavour of your gin. The flute perfectly shows off the colour and helps gather the aroma of your drink for the nose. When you think of a Champagne glass, you think “celebration”, which is basically always the case when you think “GIN”!

  1. Woolworths Homeware – Set of 2 Studio W Flute Glasses for R140.00 – Find these in store
  2. MrP Home – Set of 4 Augusta Flute Glasses for R159.99
  3. Banks Kitchen Boutique – Vicrila Elytium Platine Flute Glass (170 ml) for R36.60
  4. House of Crystal – Diamond Cut Flute Glass for R300.00 – Find these in store


 The Old Fashioned Glass


The Old Fashioned glass (or more commonly known as a tumbler or whiskey glass is a flat-bottomed thick base glass), is used to serve drinks on ice or as we affectionately know it, “on the rocks”. This is the ideal glass for those with an advanced palate who prefer to enjoy their drink neat. There’s no better way to indulge in a short, strong gin!

  1. @Home – Set of 4 Tumblers for R229.00 – Find these in store
  2. Woolworths Homeware – Set of 2 Studio W tumblers for R75.65 – Find these in store
  3. MrP Home – Bulb Tumbler for R25.99
  4. Banks Kitchen Boutique – Arcoroc Islande Tumbler for R25.10


 The Coupe Glass


The Champagne coupe holds around 120 to 140 ml of liquid in a shallow, broad-lipped bowl. Some suggest that drinking from the coupe allows the gin’s flavour to be better expressed due to the liquid moving across your whole tongue, from the front, over the middle and to the back, as you sip. This glass oozes sophistication, which makes it an obvious choice!

  1. MrP Home – Champagne Coupe Glass for R39.99
  2. Woolworths Homeware – Woolies Champagne Coupe for R65.57 – Find these in store
  3. House of Crystal – Hand Cut Coupe Glass for R300.00 – Find these in store



 The Copa Glass


Gin connoisseurs all over the world are now trading their traditional highball glasses for the Copa de Balon which is said to be THE perfect glass for drinking a gin and tonic. The glass is bulbous in shape, like a balloon, and sits on a stem like a red wine glass. The Copa (pronounced Koh-pa) is designed to trap the aromas of the gin and tonic to give a better taste to the drink. Not only is it a stylish glass to sip from, but its design encourages you to grip the stem instead of the bowl, thereby ensuring your body heat doesn’t warm up the cocktail.

  1. @Home – Red Wine Glass for R49.00
  2. Ngwenya Glass – BR-BU Bremers Burgundy Glass for R128.00
  3. Ngwenya Glass – SU4 Large Red Wine Crooked Stem Glass for R148.00
  4. House of Crystal – Set of 6 Bistro Crystal Burgundy Glasses for R210.00 or R35.00 each
  5. Caterlynx – Set of 6 Omega Grande Cave (710 ml) for R410.40
  6. Caterlynx – Set of 6 Glass Cabernet Ballon (700ml) for R285.00
  7. Yuppiechef – Set of 4 Spiegelau Lead-Free Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses for R399.00
  8. Yuppiechef – Set of 6 Schott Zwiesel Bar Special Gin & Tonic Glasses for R649.00