Welcome to The Gin Box, South Africa’s first craft gin club for a nation that has passionately caught gin fever. On a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or ad hoc basis (gifts, for example) we courier a magnificent box to any gin lover nationwide. Each box showcases a small batch craft gin with unique tonics that accompany the gin and hand-picked gourmet food items that complement the taste journey of the month.

Why is this unique, or even important? South Africa is experiencing a gin revolution, at present, led by the unique botanical ingredients that local distillers are incorporating in their gins, that the rest of the world does not have access to – rooibos and fynbos among two of the most common examples.

In this brave new world of gin, many drinkers are often apprehensive to try new brands, not knowing where to start, where to buy them, what to pair them with, the creative garnishes to offer, and without any knowledge of the history of these new gins. After all, if you’re going to offer a drink like gin, there’s only one way to do it – with real flair and finesse!



At The Gin Box, we showcase South Africa’s finest.

What can you expect?

  • Private delivery to your door
  • A new mystery 750ml bottle one of South Africa’s unique craft gins
  • Two to four unique local or international tonics
  • Three hand-selected gourmet food items that are often not readily available from retail stores.
  • A comprehensive list of distiller’s notes
  • A history of the gin from the origination of the name, through to the distillation process, its unique properties
  • Creative suggestions for quality pairings
  • Ideas on experimental garnishes to bring your drink and glass to life



“Gin has long been enjoyed in South Africa and,  for decades, we have been drinking many imported British gins, because, up until recently, we had never really ‘South Africanized’ it. In addition, it had always been drunk with a simple tonic, but it could be adapted and made more original by adding hints of flavour, garnishes like pomegranates or rosemary, through to even changing the colour of the gin. There’s no doubt that there’s more bravery and fun with gin drinking, because there’s more versatility with it. In the same way that whisky experienced its own period of popularity, which will always endure, and craft breweries exploded onto the scene, gin has rapidly emerged as the new star player of the drinks cabinet and bar scene.” Jean Buckham, founder – The Gin Box



In the same way that entertainers like to offer a number of craft beers or mature whiskies, it has become a trend to offer a robust and exciting collection of craft gins, and specifically South African in nature. It provides a great talking point among gin lovers to share and sample different gins and creatively experiment with mixology.