Guilt Free G&T’s

Good news: You don’t have to be consuming sugar laden tonic water in your next G&T. Try Sugar Free Tonics!

Sugar free tonics? Working for The Gin Box it’s hard not to get completely obsessed about gin. I spend office hours surrounded by some of SA’s best craft gins so come time to go home, I can barely wait to get in the door in order to pour my evening G&T.

But I have to admit, I do feel a twinge of guilt about the amount of sugar I’m consuming via my favourite tonics – apparently around two teaspoons per tonic – and that twinge becomes a shudder every time I catch sight of my reflection in a mirror.

Don’t get me wrong: SA boasts some truly delicious tonics that I would highly recommend you pair with the country’s burgeoning – and often outstanding – craft gin offerings. We’ve come a long way since Schweppes was the only option.

These days there are a variety of different tonics from Fitch & Leedes, Barker & Quin, Little Wolf Cape Dry Tonic, Socks, Mosquito, Toni Glass, and Swan and even some imported brands including Goldberg, Fentimans, Fever Tree and Lamb & Watt, to mention but a few, to choose from.

But the really good news – for those of us who would prefer to be imbibing in a guilt-free G&T – is that a number of these tonic producers have a sugar free option available. Not only are they really pretty good, but they have the benefit of being less calorie-laden than a glass of wine.

Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic Lite has been a popular choice for a while now given that its sugar and calorie count is significantly lower than regular tonic without losing any of that delicious tonic taste. The brand recently launched a pink sugar free option. Pretty in pink with whiffs of rose petals and fresh cucumber, it’s a delightful alternative to its more sugar laden sibling brand without compromising on taste.

At The Gin Box we regularly pair craft gins with Fitch & Leedes tonics as they tend to be less overpowering than a Schweppes.Another guilt free tonic we’re very partial to at The Gin Box is Barker & Quin Light at Heart. Despite losing the sugar, Barker & Quin have really mastered the tonic taste. Low in sugar and calories, mixed with mountain spring water, it’s a perfectly guilt free accompaniment to your favourite craft gin.

A recent addition to SA’s tonic market is a range by Toni Glass which offers an infused range of bespoke sugar free tonic waters using a recipe traced back to its original roots in Peru. Crafted from authentic Peruvian lineage quinine, the range includes Citrus, Watermelon and Original varieties.

Woolworths also offers a sugar free tonic water which retails at R44.99 for a six-pack and includes sparkling sugar free Quinine & Citrus tonic water. I’m looking forward to trying this one out.

So with this myriad of sugar free tonic options, there’s really no need to stop drinking G&T’s any time soon. And with the growing number of simply outstanding craft gins on offer in SA, who would want to deny themselves anyway?