Empire Gin Box


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A refreshing gin made from neutral grain spirit, infused with botanicals that have been carefully selected to pay homage to those who first brought gin to Cape Town shores. I for one thank them for making the trip. You can expect to enjoy a beautifully balanced, dry English-style gin with brimming fresh hints of citrus and comforting earthy, pine notes of juniper and angelica. Empire Gin’s refreshing signature cucumber makes it a deliciously fruity, yet complex gin.

What’s in the box:

  • Pienaar & Son Empire Gin,
  • Clark & Sons Indian Tonic Water,
  • GD Almond Butter Buttercup Chocolate,
  • Lonka Caramel & Sea Salt Soft Fudge,
  • Bombay Snack Mix &
  • Juniper berries garnish.

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