Distillery Road Gin Box


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Distillery Road blends its contemporary taste with the London dry method with top notes of lime and coriander on the nose. Following on the palate, you’ll find black pepper and ginger to create a distinctly warm mouthfeel. Finally rounding this subtly spicy gin, the root base of Angelica carries it through to the finish.

What’s in the box:
• Distillery Road Gin,
• Barker and Quin Finest Indian Tonic Water,
• Barker and Quin Marula Tonic Water,
• GK Sons Indian Tonic Cordial,
• Craft Snax Coco Peanuts,
• Leo Foods Angeli Hearts Vanilla Butter Biscuits,
• Chyps Sea Salt and Vinegar,
• Bakali Mexican Chilli Sesame Crisps,
• Bakali Tortilla Himalayan Pink Salt Chips and
• dried hibiscus flowers garnish.