The KWV Cruxland Black Winter Truffles Gin Box


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KWV’s unique offering brings you an extraordinary gin that’s been infused with rare black truffles. The gin’s light amber hue is full of upfront juniper, citrus and cinnamon characters with gentle spice and soft, sweet notes. The truffles add a different kind of complexity that’s enhanced by rich, earthy notes and buttery tones. The outcome is a complex and flavoursome London Dry gin with a wonderful balance between sweet and savoury, freshness, spice, florals and a hint of Christmas pudding. Just in time for the festive season!

What’s in the box:

KWV Cruxland Black Winter Truffle Gin,
Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic Waters,
The Gin Box Spicy Star Biscuits,
Almond Nougat,
Craft Free-Range Biltong and
Dehydrated Lemon Wheels and Juniper garnish.

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