Greenleaf and Terroir G&T


Greenleaf & Terroir is a classic gin and tonic, produced with high quality ingredients, skillfully mixed to deliver the true G&T experience in a single serving. It is made using select, all natural ingredients that are sourced from earth-friendly suppliers. Greenleaf & Terroir is distilled with Pinotage grapes grown in the Cape Winelands, which forms the base spirit. The gin is then distilled further with juniper berries, as well as locally sourced, hand-peeled lemons and limes, coriander and fennel. Finally it is mixed with the finest tonic, produced in partnership with Barker and Quin.

Pre-mixed and ready to drink, it is perfect served on ice with a slice of lemon on a hot day.

Comes in a convenient 4 pack. Order online now!