April Gin Box


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The Cape Fynbos Gin recipe is a legacy left by the late Helmut Wilderer, father of South African premium eau de vie and grappa. After 18 months of trial and error and more than a hundred test distillations, the first bottle was filled. True to its roots, Cape Fynbos Gin is still distilled outside Paarl in collaboration with the Wilderer Distillery. While sipping on Cape Fynbos Gin, discover deep and complex herbal aromas with hints of orange essence, cloves and white pepper, honey and wild fynbos all overlaying a perfectly smooth palate that make this a gin to treasure.

What’s in the box:

• Cape Fynbos Gin,
• Cedarberg Aqua Buchu Tonic Water,
• Orchards Orange Salad Dressing,
• Leo Foods Shortbread Mini Bites,
• Mallow Bunnies and
• Dehydrated apples, cloves and lime garnish.

Immerse yourself into a Fynbos Kingdom taste journey with the April Gin Box packed with this amazing Cape Fynbos Gin and delicious paired goodies.