Sugarbird March Gin Box

Our March gin is named for the female Sugarbird – a dusty copper brown, long tailed song bird which is indigenous to the regions where the gin’s floral ingredients are sourced. A distinctive taste of Cape Town, made to share with the world. This gin is aligned with the resurgence of traditional gin, and showcases the talent and creativity that has become the hallmark of South African gin distilling.

What is in the box:

  • 1 bottle of Fynbos Birdseye Sauce
  • Fynbos Starter Pack – a starter pack with all the tips required to grow your own Fynbos
  • Fynbos Superfood bar
  • Two Swaan tonic waters
  • A mixed citrus garnish pack to make every gin a masterpiece.

Delight in the floral explosion taste journey of Cape Fynbos and order your March box now.