Partnership Benefits

The Gin Box was borne out of a deep admiration for the passion that you, the independent distillers and brands, place in your spirits. The care you instil in your gin’s production, the story behind your distillery and your tasting objectives are all essential elements of fully enjoying your gin- important facts that are sadly seldom featured when marketing to the general public. We are different – we will ‘tell your story’. We connect you with consumers and, just as importantly, guide newly curious gin drinkers to appreciate your pursuit of perfection.


By partnering with The Gin Box, small batch Craft Gin brands gain exposure to the customers that matter while giving them a unique experience with every sip.


During our partnership, you will participate in a highly effective month-long campaign to promote your gin and your brand. In addition to sending your gin to the customers that count, we offer the advantages listed below.

–          Detailed distiller’s notes sent with each box showing why your gin is unique and special.

–          We showcase the botanicals you selected to make your unique gin – we will inform consumers why we selected your gin.

–          With your help, we ‘tell your story’ – it’s marketing directly to people you want to connect with.

–          This is a targeted audience of gin lovers/connoisseurs.

–          We show members how to enjoy your gin.

–          We will offer your gin on our SHOP once we have showcased it in the gin of the month box- distribution opportunities.

–          We promote social media drives by incentivising members to show themselves ‘unboxing’. So, if your brand is featured in our box, it will reach a wide audience through social media.

–          We will always include you in our social media drives whilst your gin is being showcased.

For more information or for requests to be featured in The Gin Box, please email