The Gin Box launch at Beechwood Gardens

Last week we attended the official launch of The Gin Box.

The invitation had me at “gin”, not going to lie. Although it’s a very fashionable drink these days, I’ve been loving a good G&T since my mid-twenties. The only difference now is that there are wonderful variations and flavours. The Gin Box caters for all those die-hard or just trendy gin fans out there.

The venue

The setting couldn’t have been any more perfect. The Gin Box launch was held at Beechwood Gardens in Hyde Park. It was my first time there and the gardens left me breathless. I wandered away from the launch for a while to explore. My partner in crime for the afternoon was Sheena Bagshawe who was familiar with the property. She was awfully excited about the veg garden, with good reason! It’s amazing. The reason that Beechwood Gardens has a great veg garden is that they apparently offer cooking lessons. How fab is that? Although the family used to open up the gardens to the public, they no longer do, and only hire it out for events these days. What a pity.

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Source: Breadsticks & Blush