All I want for Christmas is gin

I freaking love Christmas. The whole commercialised craziness of excess everything really appeals to the
glutton in me. Excess kitschy decor, excess food, excess presents, excess time spent with loved ones. LOVE IT!

And what better way to spend the festive season than by buying gifts for those you love most. Every year, I
try and buy my boyfriend a cool bottle of gin. He is beginning to amass quite a collection, and with the SA
Craft gin explosion the past few years, there hasn’t been a shortage of bottles to choose from.

While I was browsing online (because who actually wants to step into a physical shop at Christmas time) I
came across an awesome concept. The Gin Box – basically a box filled with fancy gin and yummy treats. They
put one together every month, and the Christmas one is just so unbelievably awesome, I put it on my to-buy
list, for when payday rolls around.

Imagine my utter delight, when I woke up to an email offering me The Festive Season Gin box to review – uh
yes please. This does mean that I’m short a gift idea for the bf now, because its hard to review something in
secret on the blog, but his sheer excitement when I bought the box home was proof enough that this would
have been a well-received gift.

Let’s chat about the contents. The gin in The Festive Season Gin Box was specially made by Hope on Hopkins, a
Cape Town-based Gin manufacturer. Inspired by the original Christmas gift givers (wassup 3 wise men!), the gins
are called Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Have you ever actually googled what Frankincense and Myrrh are?

Frankincense is an incense (or perfume) that apparently smells a bit sweet like balsamic and Myrrh was
traditionally used as an embalming oil. (Wait, WHAT – here baby Jesus, have some embalming oil??)

Anyway, thankfully the gins were actually made for consumption, and the flavour profiles are detailed below:

Gold contains rich aromatics which include zesty citrus, while a finishing note of nutmeg adds comforting
yuletide warmth.

Frankincense smells like gin but tastes like Christmas pudding, with a subtle perfumed warm aroma of
frankincense, similar to if one were burning incense.

Myrrh is the perfect gin to end with – Initial sweet notes and a full mouthfeel which follows as a result of the
lingering spice from cinnamon and nutmeg.

Sounds perfectly Christmassy, doesn’t it?

In addition to the gin, the box came filled with some fancy yuzu flavoured tonic, gingerbread, a Fat Santa bar
from The Counter (how cool is that name?), some dried fruit garnish, a chocolate and a jar of spiced pears.


Everything was beautifully packaged, so you could even skip wrapping it if you hate fighting with sellotape.

The box costs R750 (including delivery) and you can order it online from

Apparently, they tend to sell out really quickly, so order one sooner rather than later if you’re keen. They prepare a
new box every month, so even if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy, the next box might.


Disclaimer: I received The Festive Season Gin box in exchange for a review. Christmas came early in my house.
Time to put up the tree I guess 🙂


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