Watermelon and rose G&T

Calling all watermelon lovers! I know you all live gin – so that’s a given. What’s more refreshing than the sweet, juicy flavour of watermelon? It tastes like pool parties, summer sun, flip flops and suntan lotion (not really, but you get my drift). So I thought, why not infuse that carefree flavour with gin to keep the summery vibe going? Today I’m sharing one of my absolute favourite summer drinks. A beautiful and fresh variation on a G&T. Rose water syrup pressed with fresh watermelon. Yummo!


  • 50ml gin (replace with 25ml of cranberry juice if you are embracing dry January)
  • 12.5ml rose water syrup
  • 12.5ml lemon cordial
2 chunks of fresh watermelon
Top up with tonic water
Rose petals for garnish


  • Place the chunks of watermelon in the glass.
  • Add rose syrup.
  • Muddle the watermelon with the rose syrup.
  • Add cubed ice and lemon cordial.
  • Add gin (or cranberry juice)
  • Top up with tonic water.
  • Stir it in with a swizzle stick.
  • Garnish with rose buds and a little umbrella.

Cheers to summer and 202FUN!