10 Reasons the Gin Box is irresistible

1. You love GIN – Get a Gin Box!

If you don’t like gin, then you’ve probably clicked on this by accident. UNLESS you know someone who loves gin and you’d like to get this as a gift! But if you love gin, we’re the club for you! We’ll deliver as often as once a month craft gins that might even be one-of-a-kind Craft Gin Club editions!


2. A trend that’s here to stay

Stay on top of the craft gin trend that’s hitting South Africa. It looks like it’s here to stay and who could blame it? It’s been welcomed with open arms. South Africans just can’t resist a good gin and tonic. Cheers to that!

3. Local truly is lekker

Support local South African businesses adding their own spin on an international trend. We adore this point almost as much as we adore your enjoyment of the product. Seeing a small maker flourish is a big part of what makes the craft gin industry in South Africa so special.


4. We’re oh so flexible!

We have three flexible plans to suit all GIN needs – whether your gin trolley is groaning under the weight of your bottles or your gin collection is looking a little sad – our friendly customer services team will make sure you are on the right plan and you can upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel at any time!


5. Get local snacks made with love and care.

We take the time to pair a few smaller goodies with the gin, because we know how a good g&t can make you peckish!

6. Find The One

Try a vast selection of amazing craft tonic waters and mixers to find The One (or them all) for you!

7. Feel like a kid at Christmas every. single. month

There’s something essential about a little self-spoiling, and if you’re needing a little more of that in your life, then there’s little doubt you should be signing up right now. Who doesn’t like a surprise? Okay, not everyone, BUT this is one surprise we think you’ll enjoy, as you eagerly tear open your monthly gin delivery to see what beautiful craft gin (did we mention we only send full sized bottles?) and tasty treats await…


8. Educate yourself

Get all the tasting notes and insights, tips on how to garnish and recipes galore, as well as the story behind each gin of the month packed into your gin box.

9. Enjoy subscriber-only giveaways

We love to share the ginthusiasm with our subscribers, so look out for exclusive giveaways in the months to come!

10. No extra courier fees

All of your gin box deliveries come with a courier service of our choice for no secret nasty additional cost. Warning: the ginticipation may kill you! Well, maybe not – but it will make you very thirsty and excitable.