Trouvaille’s Blossom & Hops Gin


A true artisanal gin, Trouvaille’s Blossom & Hops Gin is the creation of Tim and Teresa James. They say every brewer wants to grow up to be a distiller. This proved true. After years of home brewing, and with a special appreciation of hops, Tim naturally progressed to dabbling with a pot still. Countless experimental infusions later; a lucky find – a pairing that celebrates the earthiness of hops and the charm of lime blossom. The reintroduction of these long forgotten botanicals yield a gin both familiar and unique, floral and spicy, delicate and bold.

The valuable discovery lies not only in the unique addition of hops to this timeless juniper spirit, but also in our journey to re-establish a connection to ingredient, process and product. The process has fuelled our passion for the regenesis of age-old crafts and filled our working days with creativity and sharing. Best served with a refreshing tonic water. Order online now.