KWV Cruxland Gin


KWV Cruxland Gin is a double pot distilled London Dry Gin, re-distilled with 100% grape spirits and 9 different botanicals.

Infused with Kalahari truffles, making it a truly unique South African taste experience.

  • Cold filtered for an extra smooth taste
  • Made in small batches


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The Perfect Serve

KWV Cruxland Gin is distilled by the KWV Spirits production team, in Paarl, South Africa – around 50 minutes outside of Cape Town. It features eight botanicals – aniseed, rooibos, lemon, coriander, honeybush, almond, juniper, cardamom and Kalahari truffles – and works hard to tell a South African tale.

Taste – On tasting you discover the juniper berries in the front, the spicy magic of coriander, aniseed and cardamom in the middle, and a soft, cooling and sweetish finish from the honeybush, rooibos, almond, lemon and Kalahari truffles.

Perfect serve – KWV recommends a half tonic, half soda mix with lemon wedges and some fresh mint to serve.