Copperfox Premium Gin & Tonic (4 Pack)


Much like the fox with its discerning taste, Copper & Malt went on the hunt for the finest ingredients and takes pride in its 100% natural elements shipped from around the world to bring you a 100% natural, perfect pour, premium G&T on the go without compromising on quality or taste.

  • Crafted from a selection of 13 African botanicals, including fynbos, boekenhout honey, rose geranium and citrus
  • A new world style gin & tonic, the nose is led by honeybush, light juniper and spicy floral nuances
  • The juniper is perfectly balanced by the sweet spiciness of sea figs, complimented by natural quinine and zest of the tonic, leaving you with a lingering fresh and floral aftertaste
  • Contains no artificial flavourants, sweeteners or preservatives