Frequently asked questions


click here and enter your details. Just a few quick steps and then it’s GIN ‘O CLOCK and let us know what frequency you would like to change to. For example, you may wish to upgrade from a bi-monthly to a monthly membership, or downgrade from a monthly to a quarterly membership. Either way, the process is simple and straight forward and can be completed by email. and stating your desire to suspend in your email letter. To make sure you do not receive the next month’s gin, you must suspend your Membership before the 26th of the month.We also offer the option of skipping a month while maintaining your membership. If you would like to skip the next month’s gin please contact us at stating your request. In order to skip the next month’s gin, your request must be received before the 26th of the month.

PAYMENT Please note that we will automatically send you a bottle for the month succeeding the month for which you suspend if you do not contact us otherwise.To skip a month, you must contact us before the 26th of the month.


RETURNS AND REFUNDS indicating your concern. Please attach pictures of the damaged bottle to the email. We will respond to you with the proper procedure and will send you a new bottle as quickly as possible.